The worst driving habits

The WORST driving habits!

Post on October 31, 2014 - Road Respect

People these days have some BAD habits when driving, and this causes crashes. Younger people pick these habits up from people who have been driving for years, such as parents and family members, but when driving these are dangerous especially to younger drivers. Although its not advised for people who have been driving for years to do them either.

Amber means slow down, NOT speed up. Everyone’s guilty of this sometimes, in a hurry and hoping to make it through before the light turns red, many people accelerate through yellow lights so that they don’t have to wait. But what’s worse an extra minute wait at the lights or a smashed up car? Also when stopping, don’t coast to a stop, it reduces the control you have over the car.

Some people don’t think this is actually a bad driving habit, but some people rest their hand on the gear stick so they can change gears whenever they need to. But it actually slows down reflex times, if you need to make a quick turn or anything you need both hands on the wheel to help. Also when keeping your hands on the wheel in a 10 and 2 position not resting them at the bottom of the wheel, and when your hands are in the position don’t cross your hands to turn the wheel, you should follow the wheel round all the way rather than crossing your hands over eachother.

Finally, when driving you trust yourself not to have a crash, but that doesn’t mean you should trust other people, you should always wear a seatbelt even if you think it’s safe, you don’t know who’s on the road and who’s in what situation. Its actually illegal to not wear a seatbelt, unless your exempt for medical reasons, or are reversing and need to turn to see.

It’s always better to do what your taught to do while learning to drive, and get to wear your going without crashing than to drive in a way you think if cool, or more comftable. No one wants to have a wrecked car, or worse a wrecked life.

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