So you think you can drive?

Post on October 31, 2014 - Road Respect

So you think you can drive do you?

You sure about that?

We’re not saying you can’t but over confidence and poor attitude towards the road rules can be a dangerous cocktail.

Driving is more than just ability. Your skills are key – but if you’ve ever heard the statement

“now you’ve passed your test, you can really learn to drive”

That’s both true and untrue…

We should always be learning how to drive – developing awareness and skill – but driving instructors do teach you how to drive “properly”. Coasting to a stop, deciding that a few miles over the limit won’t make a difference, learning what you can get away with is bad attitude and it is dangerous.

We have to make dozens if not hundreds of choices every time we drive – a wrong choice, even a little one can have a huge impact.

Skills and attitude go hand in hand when driving. With a dangerous number of drivers in the North East admitting to using a mobile while driving – that is a bad attitude that has had fatal consequences for drivers on our roads in our region.

A couple of cheeky pints – the moment you get behind the wheel you’ve made a choice that could have huge consequences – Mobiles, drinking, speed – those decisions based on attitude affect your driving ability – Still think you can drive?

We’ve worked some great racing and professional drivers – these guys aren’t self proclaimed – they are recognised and you know what? They ensure they have the right attitude on the roads to go with their skill.

Let’s change the attitudes, help the abilities and watch the roads become a great place for everyone.


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