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The North East’s biggest losers

Post on November 7, 2014 - Road Respect

OK, so in some cases, and in certain situations, women are better drivers than men and likewise, men are sometimes better than women. The universal truth though, is that both genders can be as stupid as each other when they get behind the wheel. When it comes down to it – it doesn’t really matter whether you’re male or female. If you drink-drive, text behind the wheel, speed, or anything else that could put you or someone else at risk, you’re an idiot. So to highlight some of the North East’s biggest idiots here’s six of the worst…


The Woman who just couldn’t stop drinking (link)
This is a prime example of how a birthday celebration can go a step too far. This not-so-sensible lady went out and celebrated her birthday with some drinks, came home fought with her boyfriend, and next morning decided she needed another drink, headed out and started drinking a box of wine in the car, as you do. Her birthday celebrations resulted in a 28 month driving ban, and over £500 of fines.
Stupidity Factor: 9/10

The Woman who got busted drink-driving on the day she failed her driving test (link)
In 2009, Pamela Smith of Gateshead got caught by police for drink driving – and hadn’t even passed her test. To make it worse, it was her second drink-driving offence. It was said that she had not planned to drive home after having some drinks, but there was an ‘unfortunate development’ with her ex, so she decided to drive back. A passenger in the car said that her driving had been completely fine until the police car had started to follow her and she panicked about her and her daughters future. Kinda too late for that. She received a three year ban, 12 month supervised community order, £60 costs, and had to attend a drink-impaired driving course. All of this put a bit of a spanner in the works for her plan to go to Durham University to attend a business course, as she had needed to drive to and from school.
Stupidity Factor: 7/10

The Tesco Wheelchair Rally Lady (link)
This one probably is one of the stupidest ones. In Sunderland, a woman and her male friend decided it would be fun to borrow one of Tescos wheelchairs for customers, and drive around dragging the wheel chair, with someone in it, behind them. Customers and CCTV witnesses them and security had to stop them, with fears of customer coming in and out of the store getting hurt. She was given a two year driving ban and £1369 to pay.
Stupidity Factor: 9/10


The Serial Offender (link)
This 37-year-old still hasn’t even passed his driving test yet, but he’s had 30 bans, his criminal record includes over 20 charges of taking someones car without their permission. He was driving down the A1 on the outskirts of Newcastle when he hit into the back of someones car, then he sped off weaving in and out of traffic dangerously. He’s had 29 convictions of driving while banned. His antics got him 4 months in prison and a driving ban of a year.
Stupidity factor: 9/10

The Bus Driver who’s wheels fell off due to drink-driving (link)
An Ashington man who made his living driving people was caught drink driving in 2008 and swiftly lost his bus driver’s job as a result. He already had a drink driving ban in 2001, but obviously hadn’t learnt his lesson and decided to drive home drunk after getting into an argument at a party. He ended up with another a 3 month ban, but he lost his job. As a result he had to give up his rented home due to loss of his earnings.
Stupidity factor: 8/10

The Man who killed his friend (link)
This man probably couldn’t regret his decisions more, as it was his friend that died in this crash. He was over two times over the limit, when police noticed his erratic driving in Consett, County Durham, he ignored the police car following him and continued driving down the wrong lane and going the wrong way around a roundabout before finally and tragically, he failing to turn on a bend and crashing into an electricity pylon. His friend died of multiple injuries at the scene. He got 8 years in jail for his actions.
Stupidity factor: 11/10


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