Lads vs Lasses – Who is better?

Post on October 31, 2014 - Road Respect

Who is the better driving gender? Guys think they’re better, lasses think they’re better. Of course – but what is the truth

Road Respect are launching a challenge to see who is the better driving gender. Test your knowledge with our quiz – and take challenges at our event in Eldon Square happening in November 2014.

Here are some interesting facts to get you started:

Sorry guys but more males are killed or seriously injured on Northumbria’s (Northumberland, Tyne & Wear) roads than females – 81%, that’s four times more than the girls, of fatal or serious injuries in crashers were guys.

Females are more likely to be affected by spatial awareness issues – failure to judge vehicles speeds or distance and yes – hitting stationary or parked vehicles – sorry to confirm the stereo type.

However, lads, you take more risks – over 90% of aggressive driving or exceeding the speed limit collisions were down to guys – so another stereo type confirmed.

The point – we don’t know who is the better driving sex when it comes to knowledge – so take the test and find out – But what we do know – more guys are causing serious crashes – better skill and better attitude will save lives on our roads – so here’s the challenge – guys be less risky, gals pay attention more – everyone work on being the better driver and prove to the other sex YOU ARE SUPERIOR.

If you prove your the better driving by driving better every day – there will be less crashes.

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