Eldon Garden

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Eldon Garden have joined to with Road Respect to set up a So You Think You Can Drive pop up shop to challenge the regional drivers. Take the quiz, take part in practical challenges, try your skill on our road safety simulator and enter competitions to win amazing prizes.

Rachel Mallaburn, Centre Management Assistant Eldon Gardens said, “Eldon Garden are thrilled to be able to host the Road Respect pop up shop in our centre for the first time. It’s such good fun for drivers whilst getting a very serious message across, especially at this time of year. We hope it will make drivers in our region more aware as many of our customers drive to Eldon Garden and we hope this will ensure visitors to our centre get to and from Eldon Garden safely. We encourage all of our customers to come and take up the challenge!”

Road Respect thanks Eldon Gardens for all the support. Don’t be shy come along and see if you’re skill is up to scratch and help us see which gender is the better driver.

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